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Our Bottom Line is to Do The Right Thing, and Re elect the President who is moving our country Steady, and   FOWARD!!!   So   Grab a friend or two, and get out, and Vote!! 
  The Obama Theme Song "BARACK STEADY" 2012 CD and DVD by Royal Height captures the essence of the 2012 Obama campaign for the Re-Election of President Barack Obama. Sing the song and see the video that is sure to excite and rally Obama supporters across the nation. THE RIGHT TIME...THE RIGHT MESSAGE...THE RIGHT SONG! This is what has already being said by many. The Black Women for Obama 4 Change has formally endorsed this CD and DVD as their official theme song and  they are in full support of having this song adopted as "THE OFFICIAL THEME SONG" for this campaign.

          Venro Records' artist, Royal Height, delivers a sensational and uplifting message with all the energy and passion to bring voters to the polls for President Obama and the video takes it to an even higher fever pitch! The iconic music by Kenneth"Babyface" Edmunds, Antonio(L.A.) Reid and McWade Watson, lyrics by Royal Height, music production by Ron Rease and Adrian "Ace" Boston along with the video production by SABMEDIAX LLC and Royal Height provide all the component for musical success.

         Load up your MP3 player. Hit us up on Youtube.com/Barack Steady 2012. Friend request Royal at Facebook.com/ Royal.Height.9 and most importantly SHARE the CD And DVD with your friends, family and everyone that wants to stand with us to see 4 MORE YEARS for President Obama!